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Having just one absorbent is much safer for staff than several absorbents depending on the chemical spilled.

Stock # and size: UNI-1 (1-lb), UNI-4 (4 lb/1-gal jar) UNI-10 (10-lb/2-gal pail)
  Also available,UNI-25 (25 lb/5-gal pail), not shown in photo.

Hazardous Labels

Uni-Safe will absorb solvents, fuels, poisons, formaldehyde, acids, bases, oxidizers, chemo and other drugs and bodily fluids.

Uni-safe can be used with unknown chemicals also.

Spill Response Label

This label is included with each container, so that it can be filled out immediately and attached to the waste container.

This provides information for safe handling and proper identification for disposal.

Using this label meets regulations and prevents possible violation warnings.

Hand pressure cylinders.  New, made in Germany.  Stainless steel.

Capacity:  3.5 gallons,  pressure  6 bars, 80 psi.  Size: 24" by 8" diameter.

Designed for spraying liquids more viscous than water.