UNI-SAFE will absorb just about all chemicals. except HF Acid and Mercury.  It is ideal for laboratories and hospitals that have multiple chemicals.  Having just one absorbent, rather than specific absorbents for specific chemicals is much safer for staff.

Unisafe 004.jpg

UNI-SAFE is available in several sizes:

UNI-1     1-lb container

UNI-4    5 lb in 1-gallon jar

UNI-10   10 lb in 2-gallon pail

UNI-25   25 lb in 5-gallon pail (not shown)


UNI-SAFE will absorb solvents, poisons, formaldehyde, acids, bases, oxidizers, chemo and other chemical mixtures.

It can also be used to absorb unknown chemicals.


This label is included with each container, so that it can be filled out immediately and attached to the spilled chemical container.  It provides for safe handling and proper identification for disposal.  Using this label meets regulations and prevents possible violation warnings.