Plug N Dike is a nontoxic, nonflammable blend of bentonite clays and glycol mix.  It sticks to dirty surfaces.

No surface preparation is required.


Take a handful and apply it directly into and around the area leaking.

Plug Pattie, 10 oz, #P-2

Premix, 16 oz, # 1-PMP

It is also available with antifreeze so it can be  stored in truck kits.  It stays pliable down to about zero F.

Plug Pattie with antifreeze, 10 oz, #P-2A

Premix with antifreeze, 16  oz, #1-PMPA


Where larger quantity may be required:

Premix, 4-lb, #4-PMP

Premix, 10 lb,   #8-PMP

These are also available with antifreeze.




These products can be used for both plugging and diking.

For plugging, mix with water to form a stiff paste.

For diking, pour out a dike and wet the surface with water to confine hazardous material from flowing into drains, catch basins or  contaminating other area.

Plug N Dike, 10 lb 1-gallon jar  # 10-P

Plug N Dike, 48 lb  5-gallon pail,  # 48-P


Plug Rugs consist of a bottom layer of Plug N Dike with a top polypropylene liner.  The Plug N Dike fills in the cracks and holes in the pavement or curb edge so make a complete seal, even on dirty,rough pavement.

Available sizes are:

#8R   8" x 8"

#16R 16" x 16"

#24R  24" x 16"

#2420   24" x 20"


Cones:  2" x 5/8" diameter

              3" X 1" diameter

               4" x 1 1/2" diameter


Wedge: 4" long x 1 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" tall 


1   Premix Plug N Dike, 1-PMP  1 lb

1  Wood Plug Set

1  1-foot piece of compressible, expandable polyurethane foam

1   1 foot x 6 inch wide butyl tape

2   plastic ties, 11"  and 24"

2   pair disposable glove

1    plastic case


The components of this kit can help plug and control leaking fuels and chemicals in many situations.

Premix Plug N Dike - plug leaking gas and diesel fuel tanks.

Butyl rubber -excellent resistance to acids and other concentrated chemicals.

Poly foam - compresses down to fit into crumpled area and expands to fill the hole.

Wood Plugs - use with the above to apply pressure on the rubber and foam.

The two plastic ties can be used in all kinds of situations.

If you want to customize your kit, just tell us what you want and we can get you a cost.

                                                                    PLUG N DIKE PRODUCT  SPECIFICATIONS


No surface preparation is required.  It will stick to dirty greasy surfaces.  Take a handful and apply directly into the hole and around the edges.  Press down to get good adhesion.  If the hole is larger, use some of the other components in the kit to help fill the hole.

Plug N Dike is a temporary plug.  It does not set up like epoxy.  If you want a longer term patch, apply a two-part quick-cure epoxy over the top of the Plug N Dike.  The surface around the Plug N Dike needs to be clean for the epoxy to adhere.


The regular Plug N  Dike will freeze solid at 32F.  The Plug N Dike with the low tox antifreeze will stay pliable down to about zero.  The latter is recommended for truck spill kits.

Will hold about three feet of head.   Shelf life of the Premix is at least two years and should be good for up to four years.

Non-hazardous  and Non-flammable

Chemical Compatibility

Recommended for fuels and solvents not miscible in water.  It is not recommended for concentrated chemicals.