The products in this section have nothing to do with leaks and spills.  

                  With the current situations created by COVID-19, people need a reason

                  to smile and laugh.  So these three products were created to accomplish that.

                                   Take a few minutes and see what makes you smile.


                            FROM THEIR CANINES

Dog whispering to man  pexels-thevibrant

After years of observation, we canines have concluded that humans need a lot of therapy. 

Do cellphones really have all the answers?

So we put our minds together and decided the only way to communicate this much needed therapy was by example.

Two pages from the booklet are below.

Therapy for Humans    $12.00

(If you don't laugh, you get your money back)

dog relaxing oncouch,paolo-nicolello-ol-

Dr. Bark and his Associates picked ten areas to compare human and canine behavior.  Read these carefully and you will relieve your stress and anxieties, so that you can lead a full and happy life!

1.   Learn to relax

2.  Have friends

3.  Be excited about the day

4.  Down days happen

5. Really lousy days happen

6.  Believe in your dreams

7.  Naps are crucial

8.  Find time to play

9.  Continue to pursue knowledge

10.  Food discussions

                     LEARN TO RELAX

Humans do this                  Canines to this

Four-step  deep             Climb onto the couch


Yoga                                 Circle three times and 

                                          get comfortable.

Muscle by muscle           Just breathe.


Visualizations                  Trying to do all those

                                          human things correctly

                                           adds more stress.


  Dr. Bark will tell you the secret to reducing stress in your life


                       DOWN DAYS HAPPEN

Humans do this                          Canines do this

Complain about the lousy         A walk, even in the rain, would weather.                           would make me feel better.


Coffee tastes like they feel.       Dry, dog food for breakfast -                                                           No thanks.

Nothing is going to go               Petting me would accomplish

right today, so why try                something.

to do anything.

Look awful                                   My wrinkles don't worry me.

Nothing worth watching             Another nap will fill the time

on TV                                            until dinner.

          NOTE CARDS


Each card is very unique and gives you the chance to send a particular card that fits the person or situation.

The virus and economic conditions are making day-to-day living a challenge.

How pleased will that person be to find your note in their mailbox, especially, when it will make them smile.

Package of five note cards  $9.50



Please note that these are to be used to evaluate the wine, not the guests.


  If you enjoy a glass of wine, this offers a new       way to define that wine's characteristics.

  Ten pages of this Guide are included Free

    with your order for  the items above. 

  (Please use this Guide to evaluate the wines,     not the guests.)

To order any of  these item, either:

        Call 425 562-7252  or


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