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                              KIT PFR-6


1 Plug N Dike Premix, 1 lb

1 Wood Plug Set

1-foot piece polyurethane foam

Plastic ties 11" & 24"

Disposable gloves 2 pr

All in a plastic case


                                  KIT EFWP-22


Polyurethane compress/expand foam    3 pieces

Wood cones and wedges

Rubber Mallet

Plastic ties

Disposable nitrile gloves

Contained in plastic clear container.

                                                                                     Plug jagged holes in damaged fuel tanks
                     Plug leaking hydraulic and oil lines                                 Plug battery acid leaks
                                           Plug and control  some chemical spills  (See information below)                                                                                                                 
Component Specifications:
Plug N Dike - regular Plug N Dike will freeze solid at 32F.  With antifreeze, it stays pliable and usable down to about 5F.  Sticks to dirty, surfaces. 
Take a handful and shove it into and around the hole.  Press down to get good adhesion.  Recommended for gasoline, diesel, fuels and solvents
not miscible in water.  It is a temporary plug.  Two=part, quick cure epoxy can be placed over it for a longer and stronger patch.
Polyurethane foam.  Compress it to fit into the hole as tightly as possible.  It will expand.  Compatible with a number of chemicals. 
Temperature range from minus 40F to 180F.
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