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Plugs, Sealers & Absorbents from the PND Corporation

Plug N Dike is a nontoxic, nonflammable blend of bentonite clays and glycol mix. It sticks to dirty, greasy surfaces.
No surface preparation is required.

Plug the Leak with Premix

These containers are usually sufficient for plugging damaged fuel tank.

Take a handful and apply it directly into the area leaking.

The Premix is also available with antifreeze so it stays pliable down to zero degrees F, so it can be carried in truck spill kit.

Stock # and sizes are: P-2 (10 oz): 1-PMP (16 oz), 4-PMP (4 lb) and 8-PMP (10-lb)


Plug and Dike with Dry, Granular Plug N Dike

Fill the small plastic container with water and pour it into the bag.

Knead into a stiff paste and apply over the leak.

This quantity will plug a hole or rip up to about 2” long by 1” wide.

Stock # BC-21.

1-gal & 5-gal pail

These larger quantities can either be put into smaller containers or they can be used for larger holes.

The dry, granular Plug N Dike can also be used to dike and protect a drain or and confine the flow of the spill.

Stock # 10-P (10-lb/1-gal jar) and 48P (48 lb/5-gallon pail)

Plug Rug Covering

Seal off Drains and Curb Inlets

Plug Rugs consist of a bottom layer of Plug N Dike with a top polypropylene mat.

They will seal horizontally and vertically even if the pavement is dirty and has cracks and chunks of pavement missing.

Stock # and sizes: 8R (8” x 8”) 16R (16” x 16”), 24R (24” x 16”) and 2420-R (24” x 20”)